MWPO Chairman Vegafria to Judge at Miss World 2017

In a live ambush interview, Miss World Philippines Organization Chairman Arnold L. Vegafria had a slip of the tongue and announced that he will sit as one of the judges in the upcoming Miss World 2017 Pageant. The 67th Edition of Miss World, happening on November 18, 2017 in Sanya, China, has Laura Lehmann as the Philippines’ delegate, the first under Vegafria’s Chairmanship of the local organization.

TPP News had an Exclusive Interview with Mr. Vegafria at the Victory Homecoming Press Conference of another MWPO 2017 Queen, the successful first Filipino winner of Reina Hispanoamericana, Teresita Ssen Marquez. In this interview, Vegafria intimated details of the invitation for him to judge at Miss World 2017.

Knowing how passionate and oftentimes misguided some filipino pageant fans are, Vegafria decided to issue an Official Statement specifically addressed to all the Filipinos worldwide. He talked about his incoming role as Miss World 2017 judge, and what he will look for in the candidates to help him decide who should be Miss World 2017.

Watch the TPP News Exclusive Interview here:


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